FFRF: Clemson fails to tackle constitutional violations

Clemson University, in a five-sentence letter sent April 24 by its legal counsel, claims that the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s complaint about religion in the football program included incorrect legal statements and “misconstrued important facts.”

FFRF sent a detailed complaint April 10 to the public university in Clemson, S.C., regarding promotion of Christianity by coaches within the football program. FFRF’s complaint was based on extensive records obtained from the university, which outlined numerous instances of coach endorsement of religion.

The university’s response letter failed to address any specific factual or legal claims. However, the letter concluded by saying that FFRF’s claims would be included in an overall review of Clemson’s programs.

“It is not surprising that the university’s legal counsel is defending its practices,” said Patrick Elliott, FFRF staff attorney.

Elliott added, “At this point, the university has failed to address any legal or factual issues. FFRF responded immediately to the letter by asking for more information and has not yet received a reply. We believe Clemson University must conduct a bona fide review of the football program and make necessary changes. As it stands, we have no confidence that the university has ended endorsement of Christianity to student athletes by coaches.”

Freedom From Religion Foundation

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