FFRF ad celebrates ‘Godless Constitution’ today


The Freedom From Religion Foundation has placed an ad today in The New York Times to “Celebrate & Preserve our Godless Constitution” in honor of the 233rd anniversary of the adoption of the U.S. Constitution.

“The United States was first among nations to adopt an entirely secular Constitution,” the ad reminds, “placing sovereignty not in a divinity, but in ‘We the People.’”

FFRF cautions in the ad that “the precious principle of separation between religion and government has never been under greater assault by a hostile judiciary and Christian nationalists. Modern-day theocrats are conspiring to turn the lovely concept of ‘religious liberty’ into a license to discriminate — a weapon to inflict their dogma on others by law.”

“Unless religion is kept in its place, all personal rights will be in jeopardy,” it concludes, quoting FFRF principal founder Anne Gaylor. It urges readers to help FFRF ensure that true religious liberty, reason and our secular Constitution will prevail by joining FFRF — and by voting.

“Vote like your rights depend on it — because they do!”

FFRF thanks donors to its advertising fund for making the ad possible.

Click here to view the full size ad.

Freedom From Religion Foundation

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