Catholic League apoplectic over FFRF ads

The Freedom From Religion Foundation must be doing something right . . . because Catholic League blowhard Bill Donohue is outraged over FFRF yet again.

FFRF’s iconic ad featuring Ron Reagan (“unabashed atheist, not afraid of burning in hell”) that aired during the most recent Democratic debate has been a bonanza. We’re still trying to catch up with all the interest, new members and media stories. An unexpected bonus is the primetime mention of freethought and FFRF. Even Fox News reported: “Ron Reagan was not on stage Tuesday night for the Democratic presidential primary debate, but his provocative plug for a prominent atheist group earned him the top spot on Google after he declared himself a ‘lifelong atheist, not afraid of burning in hell.’”

The statement that humans need not fear burning in hell is upsetting all the right people.

In spite of or perhaps fueled by his outrage, Donohue managed to gag up 900 words on FFRF’s advertising history. Amid his desperate pearl-clutching, Donohue actually gave a rather full summary of FFRF advertising over the years. Apparently, windbags lack the discernment to realize that recounting many of FFRF’s ads — ads that we paid for — is free advertising. On the Catholic League website.

It appears that Bill sees FFRF’s webshow, “Ask An Atheist.” In an episode a few weeks ago, we recounted many of the ads Donohue mentioned in his epistolary rant. We wouldn’t be surprised if Donohue does watch. He seems obsessed with outrage and is hooked on anything that will allow him to exclaim in horror.

Donohue is upset by an ad that conveys the heretical notion that atheists exist and are happy, unafraid citizens. More to the point, he seems incensed that famous atheists exist — that the son of the Republican President Ron Reagan is an “unabashed atheist” who supports FFRF.

Ironically, Donahue labels FFRF “atheist haters,” when he’s the one who subscribes to the truly hateful and primitive notion of an everlasting place of torment where individuals are tortured and retortured for an eternity — simply for not believing exactly as Donohue believes, about claims with no evidence. The Christian notion of hell is, as Charles Darwin once put it, a “damnable doctrine.”

Seeking to rain on FFRF’s parade, Donohue has helped get out our message to numerous people who might never have heard it.

FFRF thanks members who contribute to FFRF’s advertising fund for making possible this and (we hope) future such newsworthy and memorable advertisements.

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