Buhler mayor to remove cross from city logo


The Freedom From Religion Foundation has successfully petitioned the city of Buhler to remove a cross from its official seal — and now we need your help to sustain the victory.

FFRF Staff Attorney Patrick Elliott wrote to Mayor Daniel Friesen on Sept. 14, urging him to discontinue using a Latin cross as a symbol of “traditional values” in the city’s motto and logo.

Friesen told reporters that “the city consulted several law firms, which said the city would most likely lose if it took this to court.” Now the mayor says the seal will be redesigned.

The Buhler seal is displayed on a large billboard in Albert Becker Park, as well as on official city forms.

In his letter, Elliott cited seven federal court decisions which found municipal seals and logos to be unconstitutional.

“The endorsement of religion in the Buhler seal is particularly egregious because the cross is prominently featured and used to symbolize the ‘Traditional Values’ portion of the town motto. Courts addressing less prominent depictions have found that the inclusion of a Latin cross among other symbols on government seals and logos violates the Establishment Clause,” wrote Elliott.

The mayor rightfully added that if the city were to fight the case it would be wasting taxpayer money.

Freedom From Religion Foundation

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