Another FFRF solstice banner disappears

manassas stolen ManassasBanner2

A Winter Solstice banner placed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation in a public park in Manassas, Va., was stolen over the holidays.

FFRF received a permit from the city for its “Let Reason Prevail” banner to counter a nativity scene. It was placed by a local supporter on Dec. 19 in Nelson Park next to a crèche. A report was filed with police Dec. 29 after the banner turned up missing. Zip ties attached to the posts were all that were left.

It was permitted to be displayed through Dec. 31.

FFRF is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the successful prosecution of the person or persons responsible.

It was the fifth time in December that an FFRF solstice banner was stolen or vandalized. All told, 12 banners were placed.

Another FFRF banner, “Keep Saturn in Saturnalia,” wasn’t allowed to be posted in Pitman, N.J., even though the Knights of Columbus was allowed to put up its “Keep Christ in Christmas” display without a permit.

More is here on FFRF’s efforts in placing nonreligious displays last year and how religious “First Amendment grinches” are apparently upset by it.

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