Amid uncertainty, FFRF maintains its ‘faith’ in democracy


The Freedom From Religion Foundation, like our 33,000 members and every other American, is anxiously awaiting the final results of the 2020 election. Our members may be “faithless,” but we maintain our faith in democracy.

FFRF has plans in place to redouble our advocacy for freethought and the First Amendment, whichever way the presidency and Congress go, and we’re eager to get to work. But however eager we are, we believe that every vote counts and every vote should be counted before the election can be called. Given the unprecedented turnout, the number of votes by mail, the close races — all in the midst of a pandemic — it is perfectly reasonable that a winner is not yet known and may not be for some time.

As a secular organization fighting for the separation of state and church, FFRF understands that evidence, science, reason and compassion must be the basis for our public policy. One of the truly unique aspects of the U.S. Constitution is that it declared, for the first time in human history, that power comes from the people, not a god or deity. That means that the people must have a say in our government for it to be legitimate. Our vote is that voice. For judges to deny us the vote, or to refuse to count our votes, is to deny the Constitution they swore to protect and defend.

For much of American history, the universality of “We the People” was merely aspirational. We believe that every vote by “We the People,” no matter who for, must be counted. To do otherwise is to deny the Constitution we defend.

Now, we must stand together to make sure our votes count — and that democracy prevails.

Freedom From Religion Foundation

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