All-women secular podcast probes religious anti-discrimination exemption

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The only all-women secular podcast in this country tackles in its latest episode the conundrum of why religious institutions outrageously receive an exemption from basic anti-discrimination laws.

FFRF Legal Director Rebecca Markert, FFRF Attorney Liz Cavell and American Atheist Attorney Alison Gill have just released the 15th episode of their podcast, “We Dissent.” In this episode titled “Ministerial Exception 101,” Markert, Cavell and Gill analyze questions such as: What is the ministerial exception? Where did it come from? What has the Supreme Court said about this legal doctrine? Additionally, they recount the history of the ministerial exception and break down the two major cases from the Supreme Court on this issue: Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Church and School v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Our Lady of Guadalupe v. Morrisey-Berru.

“We Dissent” is the only women-helmed legal affairs show for atheists, agnostics and humanists, offering legal wisdom from the secular viewpoint of women lawyers. The monthly podcast first aired in April 2022 as a collaboration of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, American Humanist Association and American Atheists.

You can catch up with scintillating previous episodes here, which explore the Johnson Amendment that prohibits religious electioneering, last year’s alarming Supreme Court cases, as well as issues such as the death penalty, religion behind bars and state/church issues involving federal regulations.

Episodes are available at the “We Dissent” website, Spotify, or wherever your podcasts are found. You can also stay up to date with the “We Dissent” podcast on Facebook and Twitter.

Tune in regularly at “We Dissent” for compelling legal discussion and insights.

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