Nothing fails like prayer . . . or succeeds like activism!

The Freedom From Religion Foundation announces that three activists will share its inaugural “Nothing Fails Like Prayer” award this year, reserved for activists who succeed in giving secular invocations to counter governmental prayer.

Following the Supreme Court’s injudicious decision “blessing” sectarian prayer last spring, FFRF called on atheists, seculars and other freethinkers to ask for equal time to give secular invocations. In September, after placing 14 entries on YouTube and allowing the secular public to vote, FFRF announced the winners:

• FFRF member Dan Courtney, for his historic invocation before the Town Board in Greece, N.Y., site of the prayer litigation resulting in this year’s unfortunate Supreme Court decision.
• FFRF Member Tim Earl, who’s given three secular invocations before the Park Board in Portage, Mich. The former Navy lieutenant commander is a member of the board.
• Amanda Novotny, Brookings, S.D., who is president of Siouxland Freethinkers and works to increase the visibility of nontheists in South Dakota. Her invocation was before the Sioux Falls City Council.

The three winners are scheduled to deliver secular invocations at FFRF’s national convention in Los Angeles on October 24-25 and received $500 each and a plaque.
All other entrants were mailed a commemorative “Nothing Fails Like Prayer” certificate as a thank-you and keepsake.

The contest continues until governmental bodies are persuaded to pray on their own time and dime, or until the Supreme Court overturns its Town of Greece v. Galloway ruling. New entries received will be considered for the 2015 convention award.

So unbow your head, open your eyes and give your local government a piece of your secular mind! To be considered for the award, those giving secular invocations must submit an official entry, supply a video and a transcript of their remarks. Read the contest rules at:

Freedom From Religion Foundation