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FFRF’s Bill of Rights ‘nativity’ returns to South Bend, Ind.

1southbendnativityThe Freedom From Religion Foundation and area member Geoff Snyder have returned a Bill of Rights "nativity" scene to the County-City Building in South Bend, Ind., adjacent to a Christian nativity scene.

The display went up Tuesday and will stay up through the end of the year.

Snyder first placed the display a year ago in December after it was learned that St. Joseph County allowed a Christian nativity scene to be prominently displayed in the lobby of the County-City Building.

Both the Bill of Rights display and the crèche, which includes a sign describing the religious scene, are easily visible from both inside the lobby and outside the building, since they are placed near a large floor-to-ceiling window.

FFRF, a state/church watchdog, has 25,000 members, including 380 in Indiana.

Photo: FFRF member Geoff Snyder stands with the Bill of Rights "nativity" scene he put up in the County-City Building in South Bend, Ind.


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