'Keep Saturn in Saturnalia'

FFRF banner gets censored in Pitman


From left: Sean Cunningham, Shelly Colanduno, Matt Newcomb and Jason Shainline.

"Keep Saturn in Saturnalia" is the message the Freedom From Religion Foundation would have liked to share with Pitman, N.J., residents this holiday season, but the group was stonewalled by borough officials. The state/church watchdog was unable to obtain a permit, even though the Knights of Columbus was allowed to reinstall its "Keep Christ in Christmas" display on public property without a permit.

"This is either a violation of the Establishment Clause of the Constitution, or a sign that needed a permit — and without a permit, the borough is showing favoritism to a Christian organization," said FFRF Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel.

Seidel added that both he and local members of FFRF were given the runaround by numerous borough officials.

FFRF thanks local members and freethinkers (pictured above) for standing up for the First Amendment in Pitman and attempting to raise FFRF's banner. 

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