Guest: Gregory S. Paul, Universal Healthcare Promotes Freethought

Freethought Radio will discuss new billboards in Indianapolis, bus signs in San Francisco, and the furor Foundation complaints over government prayer is creating in Tehachapi, Calif. (a TV news clip will play on the controversy there). A teaser trailer for the new film, Creation, concentrating on Darwin’s loss of faith and starring major actors, will play, with discussion about how the film so far has been rejected by film distributions in the United States, while it is being praised worldwide. The guest, Gregory S. Paul, a researcher, will talk about the correlation between lack of social safety nets (such as the timely topic of America’s lack of health care for all) and religiosity. He will advance the notion that no culture wars” were necessary in Europe in order for belief in religion to fade; “pie in the sky” is not necessary when needs are taken care of here on earth.”

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