Author Ann Druyan, on Carl Sagan and Religion

Features an interview with author and science popularizer Ann Druyan, who was married to Carl Sagan, and co-wrote and co-produced the movie, Contact,” based on Carl Sagan’s novel. Ms. Druyan has written the foreward to a new book by Sagan appearing in November, The Varieties of Scientific Experience: A Personal View of the Search for God, based on the newly-discovered transcripts of his Gifford Lecture Series. The show includes a little news, a little music (Lena Horne singing the irreverent “Ain’t It the Truth,” by atheist lyricist Yip Harburg), and sound bites from the recent FFRF convention by participants from around the country. Dan Barker’s Pagan Pulpit addresses The Golden Rule. (MP3, 51 min, 23 MB)”

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