Censorship and Fighting Back

This week we’ll report that FFRF’s first billboard in Mississippi managed to stay up only 5 days before being censored, play Oliver Sacks’ poignant last interview in honor of the upcoming anniversary of his birth, honor poet Sherry Matulis and listen to a little Stephen Foster to celebrate that freethinker’s July 4 birthday. Then we’ll hear from three FFRF insiders: Attorney Patrick Elliott will talk about how he’s challenging the Madison, Wis. diocese seeking unfair tax privileges; Director of First Impressions Lisa Treu (known in the radio world as Lisa Miller) will help co-host part of the show while Dan Barker is on the road, and we’ll get acquainted with Amit Pal, FFRF’s new and expert director of communications. Among FFRF’s news making activities of the past week are actions regarding the Ark Encounter, which just opened.

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