Let There Be Light""

Philip Appleman, known as the Poet Laureate” of the freethought and humanist movement, and a noted Darwin scholar, is the special guest. Phil talks about his freethought views, Darwin (as editor of the Norton Critical Edition of Darwin), the threat of overpopulation (as editor of the Norton Critical Edition of Malthus), and reads several of his poems. Music featured: Phil’s collaborations with musician Dan Barker, including the incomparable “Fleas!” Their latest song, “In a Dark Time,” a haunting warning about the impending Dis-Enlightenment, airs for the first time. For a special treat, the show ends with a reading of Philip Appleman’s crowd-pleasing “Noah” poem, featuring Phil and playwright Marjorie Appleman. (MP3, 50 min, 22.7 MB)”

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