Guest: Professor Ronald L. Numbers, author, The Creationists
Guest co-host with Annie Laurie Gaylor: FFRF Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel

Radio Valentine to Susan B., Darwin
“Celebrating Darwin, exposing the creationists”

In the news: Annie Laurie and Andrew discuss FFRF’s new creationism law FAQ, Andrew’s complaint to New York officials over infant endangerment, deaths from ultra-Orthodox circumcision ritual. Birthdates honored: Charles Darwin, Galileo, Jeremy Bentham and Susan B. Anthony. Song: “It’s Only Natural,” Dan’s jazz love ballad inspired by Richard Dawkins’ book, “Unweaving the Rainbow,” paying homage to love, natural selection and Darwin, beautifully sung by Susan Hofer. Guest: the erudite and entertaining Professor Ronald L. Numbers, University of Wisconsin,-Madison, author of the definitive history, The Creationists.


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