Meg Bowman

On this date in 1929, Prof. Meg Bowman was born in North Dakota to "pillars" of the Methodist Church. Meg found one other avid reader in her small town who became her best friend, an atheist like Meg. Meg became active with the Progressive Party in 1948, earning her B.A. from Colorado College, 1954, a Master's from Arizona State University in 1961, and a Ph.D. in 1985. She organized the Fremont Human Rights Commission in the 1960s, persuaded the city of Fremont, Calif., to establish an active Human Relations Commission, and regularly participated in civil rights and peace marches. She has been active in the Fremont Unitarian Fellowship, the area chapter of National Organization for Women, the San Jose Unitarian Church, the Older Women's League, and at one time co-chaired the Feminist Caucus of the American Humanist Association. Since 1986, Meg has helped sponsor impoverished young women through school in Kenya and Romania. She is retired from the San Jose State University sociology department. She has written many books through Hot Flash Press, including Memorial Services for Women, and Feminist Classics: Women's Words that Changed the World. An intrepid world traveler, Meg has organized many international tours with a feminist and freethought slant.

"Why burn? The answer is simple. Read the Bible — the Koran — the theologians and philosophers of the world."

—-Meg Bowman, Why We Burn: Sexism Exorcised, 1988. For more about Meg Bowman, see Women Without Superstition

Photo printed with permission in Women Without Superstition

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