Ira Glass

On this date in 1959, radio personality Ira Glass was born in Baltimore, Md. When he was still in college, he interned at National Public Radio, where he worked after graduating from Brown University with a degree in semiotics in 1982. Glass worked as a production assistant for “All Things Considered,” and later worked as a reporter for NPR, spending a year in a high school and a year in an elementary school reporting on education. In 1989, Glass moved to Chicago and co-hosted a show called “The Wild Room.” In 1995, the radio program, “This American Life,” which Glass executive produces and narrates, went on the air for the first time. From 2007 to 2009, the staff of “This American Life” produced a television show (of the same title), with Glass again playing a dual role as executive producer and narrator. Though Glass was raised Jewish, he says that his family was always secular, and that he stopped believing in God soon after his bar mitzvah at age 13: "I found I just didn’t believe in God." (Ira Glass, Chicago Tribune, Dec. 14, 2000)

Photo by Tom Murphy by CC 3.0

"When you have one picture of the world which includes God and one that doesn’t, the one where there is no God just emotionally felt more right to me. It is like knowing that you are in love with this person not that person, and reason or arguing about it won’t change that."

—Ira Glass in an interview with Paul Raushenbush

Compiled by Eleanor Wroblewski

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