Giuseppe Garibaldi

On this date in 1807, Giuseppe Garibaldi was born. Although his father wanted him to be a priest, Garibaldi set out to sea as a youth. He took part in the conspiracy of 1834, for which he was forced to flee from Italy. After adventurous travels, the famed Italian compatriot took a major role in work to emancipate Italy from outside rule. After the failed revolution of 1848, he traveled to America. He returned with a band of revolutionaries in 1859, then again in 1862 and 1870. He was elected to the Italian Parliament in 1872. Garibaldi called the Vatican "the Sacred Shop," and rejected all creeds. D. 1882.

“Dear Friends, -- Man has created God; not God man. -- Yours ever, Garibaldi.”

—Giuseppe Garibaldi, letter, 1880. Cited by Joseph McCabe; A Biographical Dictionary of Modern Rationalists

Compiled by Annie Laurie Gaylor

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