Rufus King Noyes

On this date in 1853, Rufus King Noyes, was born in Hampstead, N.H., the son of a prosperous farmer. Noyes graduated from Atkinson Academy in 1872, and received his medical degree from Dartmouth in 1875. He worked at Boston City Hospital as a house surgeon, ranking first in his competitive exam, and receiving a "hospital diploma" after 18 months. He practiced medicine and surgery in Boston throughout his career. "Dr. Noyes is a strong believer in nature, and is the author of the treatise entitled 'The Self-Curability of Diseases,' " according to Samuel Putnam's Four Hundred Years of Freethought (1894). Dr. Noyes compiled the History of Medicine for the Last Four Thousand Years and The Science and Art of Ignorance; or, The Conspiracy of Christian Ministers, Press and Theologians Against Humanity. Dr. Noyes described himself as a Materialist.

Compiled by Annie Laurie Gaylor

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