Patrick Duffy

On this date in 1949, actor Patrick Duffy was born in Montana and moved at age 12 with his family to Seattle. Duffy graduated from the University of Washington, attending the Professional Actors Training Program. An athlete, he taught mime for a while, while seeking acting jobs. His wife Carlyn, a ballet dancer whom he married in a Buddhist temple in 1974, introduced Duffy to Buddhism. His most famous acting role is as "Bobby Ewing" (the nice son) in the hit TV series, "Dallas" (1978-1985, 1986-1991). He and his wife have two sons, both college graduates. Duffy's parents were tragically murdered in 1986 during an armed robbery of their tavern in Montana. Duffy's acting career, largely in TV, has rarely been on hiatus.

“And it [Buddhism] deals with the fact, in essence, you know, come right out and say it, that there is no God, that the individual is God.”

—Patrick Duffy, on Bill Maher's ABC talkshow, Politically Incorrect, July 19, 1999

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