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There are 2 entries for this date: Ira Cardiff and Amanda Donohoe

Ira Cardiff

On this date in 1873, humanist author Ira D. Cardiff was born. He was the director of the Agriculture experimental station at Washington State University from 1912-1917. Cardiff was an early 20th century freethinker, who wrote articles, pamphlets and books, including What Great Men Think of Religion and, as editor, The Wisdom of George SantayanaD. 1964.

“What would Christ do about syphilis? Well, what should he do? Christ, being possessed of miraculous powers, why does he not obliterate syphilis from the face of the earth? Does Spirochaeta pallida, the organism causing syphilis, perform any useful function in the economy of nature? If not, why not obliterate it? Who is better equipped to do this than Jesus Christ?”

—Ira Cardiff in “What Would Christ Do About Syphilis?” (originally published in The Truth-Seeker) in undated pamphlet "If Christ Came to New York," circa 1930's, in response to an article of the same title by the Rev. Charles M. Sheldon in Liberty Magazine

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Amanda Donohoe

Amanda Donohoe

On this date in 1962, Amanda Donohoe was born in London, England. She attended the Francis Holland School before leaving home at 16, and she later graduated from Central School of Speech and Drama in 1984. Donohoe began her career in 1981 by starring in music videos. In 1986, she played a major role in the drama Castaway, and has since appeared in numerous films including "Paper Mask" (1990) and "Liar Liar" (1997). She is known for her role as bisexual lawyer C.J. Lamb on “L.A. Law” from 1990 to 1992, which earned her a Golden Globe Award in 1992 for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role. She has also appeared in “Frasier,” “Bad Girls,” and in the British soap opera “Emmerdale.” Donohoe was nominated for an Outer Critics Circle Award in 1995 for her performance in Broadway play “Uncle Vanya.”

In 1995, Donohoe played a pagan character in the horror film "Lair of the White Worm," which involved a scene in which she spit venom onto a crucifix. “I'm an atheist, so it was actually a joy,” Donohoe told Interview magazine. “Spitting on Christ was a great deal of fun.”

“I can’t embrace a male god who has persecuted female sexuality throughout the ages, and that persecution still goes on today all over the world.”

—Amanda Donohoe to Interview magazine, via  

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