Vote YES on Michigan Proposal 3!

Roe your vote 10 07 22 Michigan

Election Day is here! Please take action to ensure the reproductive rights of all Michigan residents are enshrined in Michigan’s state Constitution by voting yes for Proposal 3!

The measure will appear on the ballot as Proposal 22-3, and would add a new individual right to reproductive freedom into the state Constitution. This amendment would not only include the right to access an abortion, but also the right to access a variety of prenatal care, contraception, and postpartum care without government interference.

Justices on the high court have proven that they are unwilling to allow women to make their own decisions when it comes to their reproductive health. Vote YES on Proposal 3 to make sure that religious ideologues cannot impose their will on Michigan residents when it comes to reproductive health!

Not registered to vote? No problem! You can register to vote today. Learn how by clicking here. You can also find your polling location by clicking here.

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