Vote NO Tuesday, Aug. 2, on Kansas anti-abortion amendment

Please vote on Aug. 2 against a proposed anti-choice constitutional amendment.

The proposed amendment asserts that nothing in your state Constitution creates a right to abortion or requires state funding for the procedure. It is an attempt to put a nail in the coffin of safe, legal abortions in Kansas. 

This amendment would empower the state Legislature to further restrict or outlaw abortion. The referendum language is purposefully confusing in order to trick voters. Catholic dioceses and the Church in Kansas have spent more than $4 million to promote this anti-abortion referendum. The only organized opposition to abortion rights is religious in nature, so abortion rights are a state/church issue.

Extremist anti-abortion lawmakers around the country are focused on capitalizing on the demise of Roe v. Wade to clamp down on reproductive rights in new and terrifying ways, now that they know the U.S. Supreme Court will not stop them. Please vote NO on Aug. 2 to help keep abortion care available in Kansas.

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