URGENT! Please ask your state senator to vote “NO” on HB 1557

Florida’s HB 1557, or the “Don’t say gay” bill, would prohibit classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity and require a teacher to effectively “out” students to their parents. This is a cruel bill that would demonize LGBTQ people and add more suffering to an already marginalized group of people.Gov. Ron DeSantis recently indicated his support for this bill, saying that it’s about protecting children from “grooming,” as though all LGBTQ people were pedophiles. With his open hostility, the Florida Senate is the last chance to stop this bill.

The Senate is already meeting and could vote on this bill at any moment. Please take a moment to email your state senator right away!

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As your constituent, I’m writing to urgently ask you to vote against HB 1557, the “Don’t say gay” bill. The last thing LGBTQ Floridians need is for our public schools to deny their existence. Gov. Ron DeSantis’ recent comments about the bill confirm that the motivation behind HB 1557 is to demonize LGBTQ people, not parental rights or anything else. This bill would do massive harm. Please stand up for all Floridians by opposing it.


Freedom From Religion Foundation

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