URGENT: Oppose taxpayer funding of religious ministry & CPCs

The Arizona Legislature is considering legislation that would give $2.5 million to the Human Coalition, a religious ministry and Crisis Pregnancy Center.

If passed, these bills (SB 1547 in the Senate and HB 2759 in the House) would be egregious violations of secular rights. Crisis Pregnancy Centers are religious organizations that pose as medical centers to convince pregnant women against choosing abortion. Numerous studies have shown that these centers often sacrifice sound medical advice and basic ethical standards to spread their religious message. Arizona taxpayers cannot be forced to foot the bill for this deceitful religious mission.

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Please use our automated system to contact your legislators and ask that they vote no on these harmful bills and do not allow taxpayer dollars to fund the Human Coalition’s religious mission. Click on the red “Take Action!” button below. Feel free to use or adapt the talking points provided.


Freedom From Religion Foundation

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