URGENT: Defend FFRF victory at school board meeting, Thursday, Jan. 17!

The Chino Valley School Board prayed, proselytized and read the bible at school board meetings. No more! It has lost to FFRF and 22 brave plaintiffs in federal district court and twice before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Despite the courts’ clear messages that the board is violating the law, it intends to appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court. Given the current composition of the Supreme Court, including newly confirmed and pro-religious privilege Justice Brett Kavanaugh, this puts the precedent protecting the separation of state and church in severe danger.

You have a chance to protest this decision to appeal by attending the next board meeting on Thursday, Jan. 17 at 7 p.m., 5130 Riverside Drive, Chino, CA 91761. The Board, includes two new members, Joe Schaffer and Christina Gagnier, who need to hear from you. Please also make sure board member Irene Hernandez-Blair hears your comments. We expect the local megachurch to send members and urge the appeal; we need your voice there too. This litigation is already going to cost the board somewhere around $500,000.

There is still time for the board to do the right thing, if you speak up! Tell the board to reverse its decision to ask the Supreme Court to review the case.


Since FFRF filed our lawsuit in 2014, the district has lost more than $200,000 at the lower court level. If this case reaches the Supreme Court, it is possible that it could cost the district upward of $1 million. Instead of investing this money in teachers or textbooks, these board members are intent on using their public offices to promote their personal religion. Regardless of the district’s frequently boasted pro bono representation, tax-payers remain on the line for all court costs and fees in losing cases.

Please attend the meeting. Call if you are able. Email too, even if you speak in person.

Chino Valley School Board

Christina Gagnier: (909)536-5034 [email protected]
Joe Schaffer: (909) 536-5048 [email protected]
Irene Hernandez-Blair: (909) 731-2597 [email protected]
James Na: (909) 315-1344, [email protected]
Andrew Cruz: (909) 472-7863, [email protected]


Feel free to copy and paste the sample text for an email that we’ve provided.

Please do not appeal the 9th Circuit’s decision against Chino Valley School Board prayers to the Supreme Court. The board has already wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on this case. Regardless of pro bono representation, it is the citizens who will still have to pay all the costs and fees for the other side if this case is lost. The Dover School District in Pennsylvania spent more than $1 million on a losing fight to preach creationism in the public schools. Get back to teaching our children. Please don’t waste time and money on this appeal. We have better things to do.

Freedom From Religion Foundation

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