Urge your Texas senators not to grant religious privilege to state license holders

The Texas Legislature is considering a sweeping “religious liberty” bill regarding state licensure and we need your help to make sure it does not pass the state senate.

This bill, SB 17, aims to codify religious privilege and allow licensed professionals to dodge their obligations and responsibilities under the guise of religious liberty. For example, pharmacists may be able to refuse to fill a birth control prescription if doing so contradicts their religious convictions.

SB 17 accomplish this by prohibiting state agencies from adopting any rules or policies that limit a license holder’s ability to discriminate based on their religious beliefs. This includes health care professionals, counselors, lawyers and dozens of other professions.

Please remind your Texas state senator that religious liberty does not constitute a license to discriminate and urge them to vote no on SB 17. Please click on the red “Take Action!” button below and use or adapt the talking points provided.


Freedom From Religion Foundation

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