Urge your state rep to vote ‘no’ on AB 529

Please tell your Wisconsin assembly member to vote against the passage of AB 529, which comes up for a vote this Thurs. Jan, 20. This bill would license naturopathic “doctors” (NDs) as “primary care” providers. Naturopathic “doctors” rely on folk remedies and pseudoscience rather than evidence-based medicine. The State of Wisconsin should not place its stamp of approval on this quackery.

This bill ignores well-researched, scientific approaches to medicine that saves lives. It would create a Naturopathic Medicine Examining Board, made up mostly of naturopaths, and would be able to further define the scope of naturopathy in the state and decide educational requirements for someone to be licensed as a naturopath, among other tasks. Naturopaths would be allowed to treat severely ill children, for example, so long as the Naturopathic Board deemed that to be within the scope of their pseudoscientific practice.

The state should treat this as an unlicensed practice of medicine, rather than recklessly allowing naturopaths to determine the scope of their own care, which is akin to calling astrologers or tarot card readers “doctors,” and allowing them to treat any patients they themselves deem appropriate.

Please take a few moments to contact your assembly member now and urge them to vote “No” on this bill by clicking the “Take Action” button below. Feel free to use our talking points or personalize your own.

Talking Points

As a Wisconsin citizen, I urge you to vote “No” on AB 529. I am concerned that our state will no longer adhere to high medical standards if AB 529 passes, since it would allow practitioners of the pseudo-scientific “naturopathy” to market themselves as “doctors,” and would create a Naturopathic Medicine Examining Board, allowing these alternative medicine practitioners to regulate themselves under the protection of state law.

The State of Wisconsin should only license physicians who practice evidence-based medicine. Lowering this standard is reckless and dangerous, especially amidst an ongoing global pandemic. Please vote “No” to stand up to this dangerous and self-promoting bill and practice.


Freedom From Religion Foundation

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