Urge your legislators to support the No Ban Act


The Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship and the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations are holding a joint hearing today, Tuesday, Sept. 24, on “Oversight of the Trump Administration’s Travel Ban” and it focuses on one of FFRF’s key legislative initiatives, the No BAN Act.

During today’s hearing, you will hear the importance of correcting President Trump’s ill-conceived travel ban and preventing this sort of outrageous conduct in the future. While this dangerous travel ban is on top of your legislators’ minds, please ask your legislators to support the No BAN Act.

The No BAN Act repeals the president’s existing executive order blocking travel from majority Muslim countries and prevents another baseless, discriminatory travel ban from being implemented again. The bill prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion, including those with no religion, and restores the separation of powers by limiting overly broad executive authority to issue future travel bans.

The No BAN Act is particularly important to FFRF, which has helped several atheists flee death sentences from Muslim-majority countries, which are targeted by the ban. Just as the Constitution bars a religious test for public office, we believe it also bars a religious test for immigration or citizenship. We know that the ban precedent will ultimately be used against nonbelievers. Please use this opportunity to encourage your Congress members to support the No BAN Act.

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