Urge the Senate Medical Affairs Committee to vote “no” on SC SB 0811

Please take a moment to help stop a dangerous South Carolina bill that has a hearing this week.

This medical religious refusal bill, or the “Medical Ethics and Diversity Act,” would allow licensed health care workers (such as doctors and nurses) and health care payers (employers paying for health insurance) to refuse to participate in any health care they claim to have a religious objection to. This would allow, for instance, nurses or doctors to deny gender-affirming health care or employers to refuse to pay for contraceptives — and much more.
It is completely unacceptable for a doctor to deny life-saving treatment based on his or her religious beliefs, and this dangerous bill discriminates heavily against women and LGBTQ individuals in particular.

The Senate Medical Affairs Committee is considering this bill on Thursday, March 3, so please take action today!

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Talking Points

I strongly urge you to vote “no” on SB 0811, which would allow widespread discrimination in health care based on religious beliefs. If passed, this will exacerbate existing inequalities by emboldening health care providers to deny care to patients who are already vulnerable in the health care system, including women and LGBTQ individuals. This is unacceptable. Please oppose SB 0811. Thank you for your time.




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