Urge S.D. House Education Committee to stand up against unconstitutional school prayer

Please help FFRF keep religion out of public schools in South Dakota! Ask the House Committee on Education not to back Gov. Kristi Noem’s required time for school-sponsored prayer disguised as a “moment of silence.” This hearing is tomorrow (Friday) morning at 7:45 a.m., so please take action now.

This “moment of silence” bill is actually an attempt to insert religion into public education. Noem explained when she announced the bill’s introduction, “I hope students will take this opportunity to say a quick prayer or reflect on their upcoming day.” This quote shows that this House bill is meant to promote religion in public schools. FFRF warned that Noem would continually insert religion into public schools when she supported putting In God We Trust in public schools in 2019.

Click “Take action” to submit your own digital testimony. Feel free to use our talking points as well as personalize your own. In the same email, you can also request to testify live (remotely), if you are willing to do so.

Talking Points

As a South Dakota citizen who respects the separation of church and state, I am dismayed to read that the governor has decided to try to insert her Christian religion into classrooms around the state by requiring a moment of silence in our public schools.

In order to demonstrate the Education Committee’s respect for the diverse range of religious and nonreligious citizens living in South Dakota, we urge you to concentrate on civil matters, leave religion to the private conscience of each individual and stand up against HB 1015. Thank you.


Freedom From Religion Foundation