Urge Ala. Senate committee not to pass anti-trans bill

HB 322 is currently in the Alabama Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs and must be stopped before heading to the full Senate.

This bill is deceitfully described as being crafted “to require public K-12 schools to designate the use of rooms where students may be in various stages of undress upon the basis of biological sex.” In reality, this bill is another transgender bathroom bill — a favorite of the inflammatory Religious Right. If signed into law, this bill would require the “physical condition of being male or female as stated on the individual’s birth certificate” to match the bathrooms and locker rooms used by the student, compelling trans male students to use the female facilities and trans females to use the male facilities.

Anti-LGBTQ legislative efforts are rooted in religious dogma. HB 322, like similarly minded bills before it, is an attempt to perpetuate unscientific views about “biological sex” and to baselessly paint transgender students as predators.

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Talking Points

As an Alabaman voter, I strongly urge you to vote “no” on HB 322, a bill that would endanger the safety and well-being of trans students in Alabama. This bill does nothing to address actual issues of bullying or discrimination in schools but instead scapegoats trans youth as predators to placate a vocal and inflammatory anti-LGBTQ minority.

Please oppose HB 322. Thank you for your time.



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