Tell your senators: Public money shouldn’t fund private (mostly religious) schools


The Trump administration is once again exploiting the current global crisis, using the next COVID-19 relief bill, to expand its school voucher agenda and subsidize religious schools.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has announced plans to divert taxpayer money to private (almostly exclusively religious) schools if public schools are not able to safely open for in-person education.

Congress must intervene to stop the Trump administration from taking advantage of the pandemic to defund our public education system at a time when public schools face huge expenditures to improve safety and access.

Please contact your senators TODAY and urge them to demand that the next COVID-19 relief package includes provisions to bar public money from going to private schools.

DeVos’ assault on public education, which she once referred to as a “dead end,” is rooted in her personal interest in promoting religious schools. This betrayal of the secular public school system was thoroughly aired during her confirmation hearing, but she was nevertheless confirmed by the same senators who are now considering giving her this sweeping power to undermine public school funding. Please help sound the alarm on this attempt to force American taxpayers to bankroll religious education.


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2. Contact your senators on social media and share your opposition to Trump and DeVos’ latest attempt to use the next COVID-19 relief bill to divert public funds to religious schools.



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