Tell your lawmakers: Do not fund religious discrimination

Over the past three years, the Trump administration has introduced an onslaught of regulatory proposals that allow federally funded agencies to discriminate based on their religion. As a result, citizens who do not conform to their narrow set of religious beliefs can be denied public services.

One critical way we can hold this administration accountable for its reckless weaponization of religious liberty is by ensuring that Congress uses the appropriations process to block these harmful entities and regulations, and to support strong nondiscrimination measures.

FFRF recently scored a huge lobbying victory on this front. Because of our efforts, Congressional Freethought Caucus Chairs, Reps. Jared Huffman and Jamie Raskin, have introduced what’s called a “Dear Colleague” letter urging other lawmakers to help restrict taxpayer money from funding discrimination in the name of religion.

A “Dear Colleague” letter is a key part of the federal budgeting or appropriations process. It’s an internal letter sent among members of Congress to show support for a particular appropriations item. At least one member is the sponsor, and other members are encouraged to sign on showing their support. The more support a letter has, the better the chances are that the appropriations request will be adopted by the committee. That’s why we need your help to convince more members of Congress to sign onto this letter.

Please join us in ensuring that Congress can use all legislative means possible to hold the Trump administration accountable for its disregard of our founding values by encouraging your member to sign onto Huffman and Raskin’s “Dear Colleague” letter: Support Anti-Discrimination Measures and Preserve Separation of State and Church in FY 2021.

Click on the red “Take Action!” link below to contact your U.S. representatives. Feel free to use or adapt the talking points provided. Personalized messages are the most impactful means of persuading your lawmakers.


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