Tell the S.D. House Education Committee to kill anti-LGBTQ bill

The House Education Committee is considering an insidious bill to suppress LGBTQ rights in South Dakota schools and we need your help to stop it in its tracks.

The bill, HB 1108, is only one sentence long: “No instruction in gender identity or gender expression may be provided to any students in kindergarten through grade seven in any public school in the state.”

This blatantly anti-LGBTQ bill is a clear attempt by the Religious Right to censor an important topic on the basis of their outdated and unpopular theology-based views. The House Education Committee is having a meeting on this bill TOMORROW (Wednesday, February 5, 2019). Please make your voice heard by attending the meeting and signing in and speaking out against the bill or e-mailing the members of the committee using our automated system. Click on the red “Take Action!” link below.


Freedom From Religion Foundation