Tell Gov. Wolf to veto church funding

The Pennsylvania Legislature is rapidly advancing a budget bill that includes giving $7 million of state funds to two Philadelphia churches for religious projects. Fortunately, the governor has the power to veto these provisions. Please use our automated system to tell Gov. Tom Wolf to keep state dollars secular.

The proposed budget would give $2 million to Grace Baptist Church of Germantown in Philadelphia, an active house of worship and ministry. The budget would also give $5 million to Bible Way Baptist Church in Philadelphia. This church’s stated goal is to transform communities of West Philadelphia “into Christian Communities,” and the church has many ministries, including three “community ministries.”

It is inappropriate and unconstitutional for the state to force taxpayers to pay for these church projects. However, this funding is difficult to stop once it is approved, so it is essential that you make your voice heard now by asking Wolf to “line item” veto these awards and save taxpayers $7 million that can be used to benefit everyone in Pennsylvania rather than just Christians.


Freedom From Religion Foundation

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