Tell Gov. Reeves to veto IGWT bill


Please tell Gov. Tate Reeves that “In God We Trust” has no place on an official state seal.

In March, we asked you to oppose S.B. 2131, a bill that would put “In God We Trust” on the Mississippi secretary of state’s official seal. Yesterday, the Legislature passed this bill and it’s headed to Reeves’ desk to be signed into law. Ask him to veto S.B. 2131.

This bill and others like it are thinly veiled attempts to peddle religiosity and equate patriotism with piety. They are about advancing the Big Lie that the United States was “founded on God” or Christianity, dismantling the wall between religion and government. The motto “In God We Trust” is inaccurate, exclusionary and aimed at brainwashing Americans into believing that our nation is a theocracy.

Please use our simple, automated system to urge Reeves to veto S.B. 2131. Click on the red “Take Action” link and follow the prompt provided. Regardless of the outcome, it is critical that Reeves hears opposition to this measure from secular voices. Political offices keep a record of calls and emails received in support or opposition of each bill. Even when the Religious Right has a grip on political offices, it is critical that we don’t let them falsely claim a mandate on issues like this.


Freedom From Religion Foundation

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