Tell Congress: Stop bailing out churches

We need to ensure that public funding in a congressional COVID-19 relief bill goes to those suffering the severe impacts of the pandemic, instead of underwriting religious activity.

The House of Representatives is slated to pass the HEROES Act this week. The federal government needs to make certain that the constitutional rights of all Americans not to be taxed to support religion is not suspended during a national emergency. Tell your member of Congress to stop bailing out churches with COVID funds.

We know that thousands of unaccountable churches, whose supporters get a tax deduction and which themselves don’t have to publicly disclose their finances, have received COVID funds for explicitly religious purposes. America should not abandon our core values and permit the public funding of religion during the COVID emergency. We fear that allowing the direct funding of churches now will lead to the permanent public funding of religion in the future.

Tell your member of Congress to stop bailing out churches with COVID funds and say no to public funding for explicitly religious purposes.

Click on the red “Take Action” link below and follow the prompt provided. Feel free to use or adapt the talking points provided. Personalized messages are the most effective means of attracting the attention of your lawmakers! Don’t delay, the House of Representatives will take a vote on the HEROES Act THIS FRIDAY, May 15.


Freedom From Religion Foundation

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