TAKE ACTION! Urge your state legislators to vote “Yes” on Protect Reproductive Options Act

Stop Banning Abortion AA

Two vital bills are moving fast through the Minnesota Legislature! Those bills, titled the “Protect Reproductive Options Act” (House File 1/Senate File 1), are pushing fast toward a final vote in each chamber.

Please take a moment to urge your state senator and representative to vote “yes” on the Protect Reproductive Options Act when it arrives in front of them for a vote! These are crucial bills that would keep the state from stripping away fundamental rights of Minnesotans in a post-Dobbs America by affording pregnant individuals the autonomy to make their own reproductive decisions, including the ability to obtain abortion care, without government interference.

Please urge your legislators to vote “yes” to safeguard reproductive freedoms for all Minnesotans. You may either use the template provided, or you may wish to personalize the pre-drafted email to your liking. For best results, be succinct and polite.




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