TAKE ACTION! Urge your representatives to vote “yes” on banning conversion therapy


House File 16 is facing a crucial test as it goes before the House Health Finance and Policy Committee. Please take a moment to contact the Chair of the committee urging the favorable passage of Minnesota HF 16 in order to preserve LGBTQ rights.

This important bill would prohibit mental health professionals from practicing conversion therapy on minors and vulnerable adults in any form. This will safeguard the LGBTQ community from harmful, religiously motivated pseudoscience in Minnesota.

During the first committee hearing, HF 16 met opposition from those espousing anecdotal, pseudoscience rhetoric and those invoking religious dogma. In fact, toward the end of the hearing, one member who supported HF 16 aptly pointed out that “the conversation today ends up being about science versus religion.” Please let your voices be heard to make sure members of the committee know that we must stand with science!

This bill will be heard in committee on Tuesday, January 24! Please take a moment to urge the Chair of the committee to favorably refer the bill to its next destination so we can get closer to passing this vital legislation. For best results, be succinct and polite.




Freedom From Religion Foundation

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