Take Action! Urge Vermont lawmakers to support health care workers!

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An important bill will be considered in Vermont this week! Please take a moment to urge the House Judiciary Committee to vote “yes” on the upcoming bill HB 89.

This is a bill that would protect health care workers from legal challenges for providing reproductive care and gender affirming care to out-of-state citizens. As a religious extremist Supreme Court continues to strip away rights of Americans, people are finding themselves having to rely on out-of-state providers, such as Vermont abortion centers, to receive necessary care. Unfortunately, this has opened the door for Vermont providers to be attacked by challengers from states with stricter abortion policies. By protecting these valuable experts, Vermont will become a safe haven for reproductive and gender-affirming care and practices.

The bill will be heard soon, so please act now! You can reach out to the Judiciary Committee using either the prompt provided below, or by customizing it as you see fit. For best results, please be succinct and polite.





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