TAKE ACTION: Urge a Virginia Senate committee not to succumb to religiously influenced bills

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Please take a moment to contact the Virginia Senate Committee on Education and Health before a hearing tomorrow, Jan. 26, that will feature bills containing abortion restrictions, dubious voucher programs and a good bill on dying with dignity.

Abortion bills that will be considered include SB 1284, SB 1385, SB 1483 and SR 87. These bills would all create harsher penalties and restrictions on abortion providers and women needing abortions, stripping away bodily autonomy from Virginian women.

Voucher bills include SB 823, SB 1191 and SB 1290, all of which are an effort to divert funds from public schools over to private schools. The vast majority of these private schools are Christian, and these voucher programs would force taxpayers to fund religious indoctrination as a result.

The Death with Dignity bill, SB 930, would allow adults with a terminal illness to request a more peaceful death, rather than suffering for a drawn out period of time. Similar bills have passed elsewhere in the country without problems, and the only organized opposition to such bills today comes from religion.

A list and description of the many bills to be considered tomorrow is available here.

These bills would greatly shape the future of Virginia’s laws, so please take a moment to voice your opinion to the committee. You may either use the prompt provided, or customize it to how you see fit. For best results, please be succinct and polite.




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