TAKE ACTION: Urge a Montana committee to vote against religious privileges!

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A new bill is threatening secular rights in Montana. Senate Bill 243, which would permit discrimination by real estate professionals, will be heard tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 7, in the Senate Business, Labor and Economic Affairs Committee.

SB 243 would allow for real estate professionals to deny services to potential clients if they believe it violates their “free exercise of religion.” Simply stated, the bill would make this completely legal for a real estate agent or other real estate professional to outwardly discriminate. What’s more, the bill would make it impossible for clients who’ve been denied to take legal action against the individual. This horrible bill will make it even harder for potential homeowners, or home sellers, to operate in an already fragile market, and serves no purpose than to discriminate against people for not sharing religious views. This bill is unnecessary and provides a license to hate in the name of religion. It does not belong in Montana!

This bill will have its first hearing tomorrow so please act now! You may either use the prompt provided or customize it as you see fit. For best results, please be succinct and polite.





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