TAKE ACTION: Tell Biden to stop taxpayer funding of churches

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Please join FFRF in telling the Biden administration that your taxes must not be used to fund religion. Act now so your voice counts.

The White House is accepting official comments through Friday, Feb. 12, on a proposal that would permit continued use of taxpayer money to “bail out” churches.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the Trump administration trampled long-standing rules and exploited economic relief programs to unconstitutionally fund houses of worship with billions of dollars in taxpayer money. We now need to ensure the regulations that allowed for this do not become permanent. Read FFRF’s full statement on the proposed rule changes.

The corruption and abuse of these church bailouts has already been well documented. If the proposed Small Business Administration rules are finalized, your tax dollars will continue to be siphoned off to churches indefinitely.

Please help ensure that American taxpayers are not footing the bill for religious activities. You can oppose both rules by submitting comments on the public comment pages for these rules. Feel free to use or adapt the talking points provided or write your own. It just takes a minute or two for your voice to be heard.

Click here to comment on rule 1 and here to comment on rule 2.

As a secular American, I urge you not to remove long-standing protections that prohibit taxpayer funding of churches. I strongly object to my tax dollars going to support houses of worship. Such funding violates the revered principle of separation between state and church.

First, mandatory financial support of religious institutions on the American taxpayer is a profound infringement on First Amendment rights of conscience. That is why long-standing rules have historically prohibited SBA funds from going to houses of worship in the first place. Do not allow these safeguards to fall away permanently.

Additionally, since taxpayer funds were funneled to churches through Covid-19 relief programs less than a year ago, there has already been widespread abuse reported. These religious institutions are financial black holes with no accountability to the American taxpayers, and therefore must not receive public money.

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