Take Action! Support resolution against prayer at Dane Co. Board meeting Thursday

Please help FFRF chime in against pre-meeting prayer that’s an official part of the Dane County Board of Supervisors meetings!

The board’s executive virtual committee will consider a resolution against meeting prayers on Thursday, March 24, at 6:30 p.m. (The final vote will take place after the April 5 election.).

Support the resolution by Supervisor Heidi Wegleitner, 2nd District, to delete a reference to prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance (with its “under God” wording) from the board’s regular agenda. Prayer is divisive!

See directions for the Zoom meeting and how to register on behalf of Wegleitner’s resolution or to speak on its behalf.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation got its original start when Anne and Annie Laurie Gaylor addressed the county board and city council in Madison, asking them to stop praying. After a year, the city council dropped prayer, and the board went to a rotating “inspirational message” — left to the individual supervisor. Somehow over the years, “prayer” has crept back in the rules.

Read this Wisconsin State Journal article for more background.

Please plan to register, speak, and/or send an email to the Executive Committee.

If you have not previously signed up for action alerts using FFRF’s new system, which debuted Feb. 3, 2022, there is a one-time requirement to fill in your name, email and address. Then our system will remember you and connect you to the correct governmental offices. (If you move addresses, please update this information accordingly.)



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