Take Action! Mandate vaccinations for Madison school staff

Please make your pro-science views heard before the Madison School Board meeting to discuss mandating Covid-19 vaccinations for school staff, which is slated for Monday, Aug. 30 at 6 PM.

The Madison school district handed down a decision against mandating vaccines without discussing it with the board. Many members are in favor of mandatory vaccinations, as are 85.5% of teachers.

Public schools open next Thursday, Sept. 2, and half of the students are under 12 — too young to be vaccinated yet. Don’t let the religiously motivated anti-vaxxers and anti-science crowd intimidate public officials and endanger student and public welfare. Dane County used to be #1 in full vaccination rates, but we’ve lost that lead due to the lack of science-based leadership by local government officials.

Please take a moment to use our automated system to contact the school board by pressing the “Take Action” button below. Feel free to use or adapt the talking points provided. You may also attend the meeting remotely by visiting this website.

Talking points

It is critical to me as a member of the community that the Madison School district takes a reasonable approach this school year by requiring vaccinations for Madison school staff. This decision will help keep not only young vulnerable children safe but also the members of our community.


Freedom From Religion Foundation

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