TAKE ACTION: “In God We Trust” bill has passed the Ill. House


Last month, we urged you to oppose an Illinois bill aiming to inject Christian nationalism into public schools. Despite opposition from constituents, this bill has passed the Illinois House and will now be considered by the state Senate. Please take a few moments to contact your state senator and urge them to vote no on this bill.

The bill, HB 217, would permit Illinois public schools to display “In God We Trust” on school property. This bill is part of the nationwide legislative push known as Project Blitz. Project Blitz seeks to inject state legislatures with a whole host of religious bills, imposing the theocratic version of a powerful few on We The People. It is an unvarnished attack on American secularism and civil liberties — those things we cherish most about our democracy and now must tirelessly defend.

The motto “In God We Trust” is inaccurate, exclusionary and aimed at brainwashing American schoolchildren into believing that our nation is a theocracy. Please use our simple, automated system to contact your Illinois state senators and urge them to vote no on this bill. Feel free to use or adapt the talking points provided.


Freedom From Religion Foundation