TAKE ACTION: Ask your Rep to vote “No” on anti-abortion House bill

US Capitol Building

This Wednesday, the House of Representatives will vote on H.R.26, the Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act. This bill would further restrict abortion care in the U.S. by threatening healthcare providers involved in rare late abortion procedures with criminal prosecution.

The proposed bill uses language that suggests abortion frequently results in a live birth, when in fact such a situation is extremely unlikely. The scenario is a fabrication for political purposes by religiously-motivated anti-abortionists. The bill could also force providers to cruelly prolong the life of an extremely premature infant after birth, such as one briefly surviving a miscarriage, when it is clear to all that it has no chance for survival. This medical intrusion could strip mourning parents of the chance to hold the dying infant.

Only 1.4 percent of all abortions take place at 21 weeks or beyond. “The bill maligns and vilifies providers and patients to push a false narrative about abortion later in pregnancy,” says Dr. Kristyn Brandi, a board member of Physicians for Reproductive Health.

It is important to protest this legislation, as its House supporters plan to build on it to pass a federal ban on abortion. Your member of Congress needs to hear that you support abortion rights and want them to stay out of medical decisions.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts with your representative, either by using the template provided or by personalizing the email to your liking. For best results, be succinct and polite.

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