Take action! Ask Senate to vote YES to ensure Roe stays

Please urge your senators to vote ”yes” on Monday, Feb. 28, for the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA).

The Senate must act now to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act. The act, which has passed the House, will codify the protections in Roe v. Wade regardless of what the Supreme Court does. It would also render unenforceable the many medically unnecessary and burdensome restrictions against abortion passed by various state legislatures.

Take a moment and ask your senators to pass the WHPA. The rights and lives of millions of women depend on our secular action — since religion has always been at the heart of the push for anti-choice legislation.

Read FFRF’s WHPA testimony letter here.

If you have not previously signed up for action alerts using FFRF’s new system, which debuted Feb. 3, 2022, there is a one-time requirement to fill in your name, email and address. Then our system will remember you and connect you to the correct governmental offices. (If you move addresses, please update this information accordingly.)

Click on “Take Action” to FFRF’s new Action Center. Once you sign in, click “Take action! Ask Senate to vote YES to ensure Roe stays.”

Talking Points

As your constituent, I urge you to vote in favor of the Women’s Health Protection Act to codify the provisions of Roe. With the endangerment of Roe v. Wade., keeping abortion legally available nationwide and ensuring the basic rights of reproductive privacy and self-determination is more important than ever.  The shocking enactment of an unconstitutional abortion ban in Texas and across the country, with the Supreme Court refusing to intervene, is a wake-up call that immediate action is required to protect access to safe and legal abortion nationwide. 


Freedom From Religion Foundation

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