Support vaccination expansion for minors in D.C.!

The Council of the District of Columbia is considering a good bill that would allow minors of any age to consent to vaccinations that are recommended by the United States Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

This bill, B23-0171, also establishes conditions for demonstrating informed consent including “comprehension of the need for, the nature of, and any significant risks inherent in the medical care.” This would allow minors who can demonstrate informed consent of vaccines to access their desired health care without consent from their parents.

Children are getting caught in the crosshairs of often religiously based, anti-science rhetoric surrounding immunizations and are one of the most vulnerable populations to illnesses preventable by vaccines. This bill would be a positive step in allowing young people to get vaccinated and challenge the onslaught of anti-vaxxer propaganda, which has led to devastating health outcomes in the last several months.

Please urge the D.C. Council to vote yes on B23-0171. Ways to get involved:

1. Attend the public hearing on this measure this Wednesday, June 26, at 11 a.m. at the John A. Wilson Building, Room 500 (1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.) Make sure to register in support of the bill.

2. Click on the red “Take Action!” button below and feel free to use or adapt the talking points provided.


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